We support research projects, specializing in enhancing study design by bringing powerful and insightful microbiome analysis to research that might not otherwise consider the impact of the microbial community.

Research-Grade Microbiome Analysis

  • Experimental design
  • DNA extraction
  • Microbiome sequencing
    • MiSeq (2x250 cycles), standard 30K reads per sample
    • 16S,18S, ITS for Bacteria/Archaea, Eukaryal and Algal, Fungal
    • Custom amplicon (2x150 and 2x300 kits available)
  • Metagenomic sequencing
    • Shotgun sequencing, up to 15M reads using 2x250 or 2x300 reagent kits
    • Functional genes in addition to taxonomic markers
  • Bioinformatic analysis
    • Level 1: alpha-diversity, taxonomy
    • Level 2: beta-diversity
    • Level 3: further customized sample characterization (phylogenetic/taxonomic novelty, indicator species, mining for specific taxa)
    • Metagenomics: assembled genomes, gene annotation, functional enrichment, bioprospecting.

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Life Science

Harness our expertise in synthetic biology and microbiome analysis that incorporates AI and machine learning algorithms. We design and build microbial strains for custom applications, and apply our deep microbiome analysis to identify challenges and provide solutions.

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Food Safety/Food Manufacturing

Our microbiome monitoring services applied to food production systems ensure the detection of potentially harmful microbes before they become a food safety issue. We can work with you to optimize your processes with food safety in mind.

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We specialize in the microbiome of crop plants, bringing the farmer tools to improve crop yield and quality, minimize disease losses, while reducing inputs.

Check out our new project on the microbiome of hydroponic systems, including vegetable greenhouses and indoor / vertical farms, as well as commercial cannabis. We call our approach Healthy Hydroponics, and believe that this represents the future of agriculture, where full knowledge of the microbiome leads to better crop health and food safety.

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