The Science

In depth understanding of microbiome by coupling DNA sequencing with artificial intelligence and machine learning assisted bioinformatics.


Biology is increasingly data rich, especially when capturing the complex interactions between plants, animals, microbes, and their environments. Effectively analyzing these data can provide meaningful insights into the health, productivity, and functional profile of client samples. At Metagenom, we specialize in the data-driven analysis of the microbiome through species surveys, metagenomics, and genomics.

Through a variety of data and analytics products as well as custom bioinformatics services we can ensure clients receive actionable information from their data. Our analytics platform enables a comprehensive investigation of microbial community membership and functional roles. Metagenom also provides custom solutions for your bioinformatics and analysis needs, including workflow design and implementation. This promotes faster, more reliable analysis and reproducible research within your organization.

Process Pipeline

With our diverse library of tools, proprietary methodology, consulting expertise, and experienced team, we help our clients by simplifying the understanding of complex microbiome data and focus on providing actionable results for their projects.